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Nike Basketball Camp Shooting Clinic Royal Crown Academy

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Shooting is one of the most important skills in basketball. The key to being a successful shooter is confidence and daily practice with the correct mechanics. Nike Basketball Camp Shooting Clinics with Coach Denham Brown of Triple 1 Shooting is designed for beginner,intermediate, and advanced players aged 8 -17. Our clinic teaches each player to perfect their shot through intense, repetitive drills that lock the necessary shooting technique into the player's muscle memory. Our Shooting Clinics will give you the tools necessary to take your game to the next level.Players will focus on their shooting technique and develop good range on their shot.Major element of focus will be on:

-  Movement Phase: Preliminary Movements. Back swing Movements. Force Producing Movements.

- Critical Instant. Follow- Through Movements. Understanding the mechanics of the jump shot will better help the player in their career

- Building Muscle Memory for the Perfect Shot

- Form shooting techniques

- Shooting off the dribble

- Reading screens into a shot

- Creating space for jumpers

- Jump Shot Elevation

- Fundamental shooting foot work

- Shooting under pressure

-Optimal Shooting Arc and Shot Depth

Camp Highlights

  • Specialized shooting instruction by Coach Denham Brown
  • Individual assessments by Triple 1 Shooting Coach Denham Brown
  • Shooting focused Drills that you can continue
  • Use of Shooting machine
  • Full Size Gymnasium with 6 nets
  • Free T-Shirt


Denham Brown

Coach Denham Brown does not need any introduction to international basketball or Canadian Basketball platforms. Coach Denham Brown was one of the best high school basketball players in the world for his time. Being one of the few players to ever score 111 points in a game, and earning himself scholarship to prestigious basketball powerhouse UConn where he played under legendary hall of game coach Jim Calhoun. Denham would later go on to get drafted in the 2006 NBA draft to the Seattle Supersonics and establish an elite professional career in Italy, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, NBA G-League, NBL Canada, and was a proud Canada National Team Olympian. Coach Brown is one of the most talented players to come out of Canada. He has spent time developing and training young players to achieve their goals and inspire them to potentially accomplish what he has experienced. . Coach Denham Brown from Triple 1 Shooting looks forward to sharing his shooting expertise to all the youth in the Nike Basketball Camp Shooting Clinics.

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Camp Details

Players will go thru various drills to emphasize the fundamentals of shooting and also build and get better. Coach Denham Brown has been a player development coach for past 6 years. Coach Brown's coaching experience relates to his past player accolades like being drafted by the Seattle Super Sonics in 2006. Also as a high school player he set a game high record for scoring 111 points in one game. He also has won a Division 1 NCAA National Championship in 2004 with the University of Conneticut. And has been a professional basketball player since 2004-2015 travelling the world. He is an advocate of our Canadian National Team program and is always aspriring our new Canadian talent to be the best they can be!.

Dates & Prices

Saturday, January 20 , 2022

Cost: $225

Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Royal Crown Academic Private School, 4620 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON, M1S 4G2

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Shooting Clinic Royal Crown Academy / January 20th / 12 - 5 pm / $225 + tax

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