Nike Training Camps Powered by CoreVYO Vancouver

Nike Training Camps Powered by CoreVYO Vancouver

By utilizing CoreVYO, Nike Training Camps will run you through specially designed training and performance exercises that are proven to reduce injury and translate directly to performance.

This unique training camp features the programming and training designed by two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash and world-renowned physiotherapist and trainer, Dr. Rick Celebrini (Golden State Warriors).

Highlights Include

  • Train like the pro’s…experience the same training as professional athletes utilizing, CoreVYO
  • Take home the CoreVYO harness and build upon the skills taught at the camp/clinic
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Matt Sacks
Camp Director

Matt Sacks

Matt Sacks is the CoreVYO Camp Director, overseeing all the training and development of athletes from the professional ranks down to youth athletes.

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Sacks, a former collegiate basketball player, and coach for over 12 years, he has collaborated and trained with Dr. Celebrini and Steve Nash to create specific programs for Nike Sports Camps. Having worked with some of the top teams and players around the world - Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, Fulham F.C., Grasshopper F.C., University of Michigan, University of Virginia and many more, Matt brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the camp setting.

Camp Details

Nike Training Camps and CoreVYO are teaming up!

Weekend Training Clinics are a great way to learn how to train like a pro. Harness your strength with our top athletes and master trainers who want to help you improve your game. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, or training for a sport like basketball, soccer, or hockey, Nike Training Camps are primed to help take your game to the next level. Athletes will get to take home the CoreVYO harness after all camps or clinics, allowing each athlete to continue training and succeed.

More Important Camp Details

Designed to keep you in the game by reducing injury and increasing performance, CoreVYO Performance Training utilizes CoreVYO to promote functional movement training. Our style of training directly translates to sports performance by putting athletes through a variety of exercises and workouts designed specifically to develop core strength and movement strategies, two key indicators to help reduce injury and increase performance. CoreVYO Training is developed by Dr. Rick Celebrini - Director of Performance, Golden State Warriors and utilized by athletes in professional leagues around the world - NBA, NHL, MLS, EPL, NFL and more.  

Camp Dates & Prices


For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-844-464-5372 we would be happy to help you.