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League of Legends Camp hosted by Waterloo Warriors

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We are pleased to announce the University of Waterloo League of Legends Camp. Immerse yourself with top level instruction at this 3-day digital camp. The comprehensive training approach provides players with a number of tactics and tools that they can utilize to improve their gaming skills, while building important life skills that extend beyond the game.

Campers can expect to improve their reactions, APM, and awareness. Campers learn about champion matchups, and best tactics with specific champions. You’ll refine team play tactics and callouts, working on strategies to best destroy turrets, as well as protecting your team's nexus. Learn how to prevent tilting and maintaining your flow state with mental and human performance training. Learn how to take control of the map from the start!

Camp will also offer physical exercises & techniques you can use to keep your body in peak performance.

The Waterloo Warriors’ League of Legends program is one of the best collegiate programs in the country. The Warriors have consistently placed in Collegiate League of Legends’ (cLoL) top brackets for both North American Regional and International play. The program has graduated numerous students who have gone on to compete on professional competitive teams and others have utilized their content creation skills on a professional level. Waterloo Warriors Esports continues to grow and develop annually with the goal to be a leader in the Canadian Collegiate scene.

  • Personal take home evaluation of initial skill assessment
  • Hand-crafted curriculum
  • Focused on in-game skill-development + physical and psychological training


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11am: Warm Up: CS practice, hand exercises, word of the day, agenda

11:15am: Lesson: Mental APM, callouts, team bonding

11:30am: Drills: jungle pathing, vision wards, callouts etc.

12:00pm: Physical training & exercise

12:15pm: Headspace, EPM Workbook Training

1:00PM: Scrimmaging

1:45pm: Cool down and reflection

Dates & Prices

SECURE YOUR SPOT! Due to government and SCC safety regulations, there could be a reduction in available camp spaces this year. We encourage you to register in advance to reserve your place in our 2021 camp(s).

April 13 - 15

$275.00 (Taxes Included)


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