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Nike Basketball Camp The Playground Whitby

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Achieve your basketball goals at The Playground with some of Whitby’s best coaches in Ontario, in summer 2021. Join the summer showcase skills camp or youth camp for a challenging week packed with individualized skills training, and fun competitions designed to push you to become the ultimate player!

Join the full day youth summer camp program designed for girls and boys age 5-12 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Or if you are eager to push your game to the next level, join the summer showcase boys camp or girls camp for athletes age 13-18 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Register today to secure your spot!

Camp Highlights

  • Receive a Nike Basketball Camp T Shirt and other prizes!
  • Playground largest Privately owned Basketball Facility with New Technology
  • Fundamental basketball skill work, games, and competitions
  • Structural Training Stations, Competitions & Weekly League
  • Camp Evaluation Per Camper and Total Skill Development
  • Weekly Prizes and Awards
  • Special Guest Speakers


Mark Guiam
Camp Director

Coach Guiam's passion for teaching began 15 years ago, over which time he has ran camps, clinics, and workshops throughout Canada and Asia. As a former basketball player and coach at the college level and semi-pro level he too focuses and prides on skill development for all ages, as he strongly believes in improving players both on and off the court should start. He too has worked with many NCAA and Pro level athletes like Andrew Nicholson (Orlando Magic), Jevohn Shepherd (University of Michigan), Mike Fraser (Overseas), Jamal Reynolds (NBDL), Brandon Tull (Spain), Ajahmo Clarke (NBDL), Gabe Osabuohien (Arkansas), Shakur Daniels (Southern Miss.), Kevin Thomas (Troy University), and Jonathan Tull (Central Connecticut).

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Jelani Matthew

Jelani Matthews was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he played 3 years at Sheridan College. He won 1 OCAA Championship NBA in their Basketball Without Borders event and with their NBA Academy with players in USA, Canada, in Africa. Matthews was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he played 3 years at Sheridan College. He won 1 OCAA Championship and 1 OCAA Silver and was named 2X OCAA All star, and 1 Team MVP. He played in the English Basketball League for Newham Neptunes, winning the Div 2 championship and 3rd place National Cup finish before transitioning to player development coach for King Nation Basketball. Jelani currently runs his own player development company ICanBall, in Toronto and has worked for the NBA in their Basketball Without Borders event and with their NBA Academy with players in USA, Canada, in Africa.

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Miguel Khan

Miguel is an extremely giftedcommunicator with a natural ability to form an authentic connectionwith anyone from all walks of life. He is a graduate of the renowned DaleCarnegie course specializing in learning how to build trust and motivatingpeople to act.  Upon completion of the course, Miguel became ajunior instructor after only one year leading and coaching businessmen andwomen from major companies at the age of 24.


As a professional speaker and coach, he hashad the honour of imparting hope into the lives of youth and young adultsthrough school assemblies, conferences, churches, community organizations,foster care agencies and even prisons and youth detention centers.  


Miguel has a very unique view on coaching andwhat it means to be a coach.  Being able to yell, shout, scream, jump upand down, break clipboards and put on a show for those in the gym is not whatit's about.  He believes that it is not something that you do, itis who you are. The mantle of coaching is a calling that comes withgreat responsibility and is not to be taken lightly.  


"It is an absolute honour andprivilege when I am blessed with the opportunity to serve throughcoaching.  I understand that my actions, words and attitude can and willhave a lasting impact on those that are under my tutelage and that is somethingthat I take very serious"


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Nakissa Koomalsingh

Nakissa Koomalsingh, also known as Keesa K, is the Founder of HOOPQUEENS. Before entering her entrepreneurial journey in July 2020, Nakissa graduated with a Degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance.Growing up, she played for the popular YAAACE organization.Throughout her post-secondary education, she had the privilege of going to school away from home and being a varsity student-athlete. She started her post-secondary journey on the East Coast of Canada in Prince Edward Island attending Holland College. A couple of years later, she completed her post-secondary journey at the University of Nipissing and decided to hang up her jersey after her career-ending injury.

Prior to starting HOOPQUEENS, Nakissa knew there was a niche waiting to be served. There were no spaces specifically for pro and varsity athletes to train and compete, so she created it. Being a former varsity athlete, she understands the struggles of female athletes and knows what they need to be successful in their academic and athletic careers.Today, Nakissa is focused on using the game of basketball to change the narrative of women in sport. Being a Black woman navigating through race and gender inequities isn't always easy but Nakissa is on a mission to empower and encourage women to be confident when creating their own lane.

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Camp Details

Summer Showcase (Boys and Girls Camp)

The Summer Showcase experience is an elite development program that focuses on athletes and their core fundamentals through an official NBA basketball combine experience. Athletes gain valuable playing experience and recognition by completing this program. CEO and Founder of the Playground Global, Sam Ibrahim, and Managing partner Jamie Coote have partnered with Nike Basketball Sports Camps and MPG Sports Co. to create an elite experience for all players in Canada.

These showcase camps will see participants showcase their abilities while competing in physical testing, individual skills, one-on-one situations, and in team system scenarios.  Each week will be a dedicated boys camp or girls camp to help focus on the individual development of each athlete.

Youth Series

​Nike Basketball Camp Youth Series is designed for young athletes aged 5 - 16, who want to improve their skills in a FUN and competitive learning environment.

Dates & Prices

SECURE YOUR SPOT! Due to government and SCC safety regulations, there could be a reduction in available camp spaces this year. We encourage you to register in advance to reserve your place in our 2021 camp(s).

July 5-9: Youth Series / Ages 5-16 / $375.00 (Taxes Included)

July 19-23: Youth Series / Ages 5-16 / $375.00 (Taxes Included)

July 26-30: Boys Showcase / Ages 13-18 / $385.00 (Taxes Included)

Aug 16-20: Youth Series / Ages 5-16 / $375.00 (Taxes Included)

Daily Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00AM-3:00PM


1313 Boundary Road

Oshawa, Ontario

L1J 6Z7

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Nike Basketball Camp (Whitby) Youth Series: August 16 - 20

Additional Program Details

Facility: The Playground Global is the largest privately owned basketball complex in the world in 2021 with over 300, 000 square feet of basketball space. The Playground Global has 28 full sized FIBA basketball courts, 14 practice courts and 5 state of the art strength and conditioning centers in the greater Toronto area.  
MPG Sports Co. and Check My Athletics partnership provides a unique opportunity for individual players, with dreams of playing at the next level. Our Combine will create an environment where each player will be challenged, taught, respected as we guaranteed to have you walk away a better basketball player in addition to providing them with access to elite combine testing, training, photos, highlights and analytical insight.
Each player will receive a complete report of their combine results and a consultation with the Check My Athletics Analytics and MPG Team to review their results.

We want players to experience the enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment that comes from skill development and the pursuit of excellence. As a result, we are committed to providing players with the skills and tools to achieve their goals.

A detailed camper registration packet containing check-in location, camp specifics, and a list of things to bring, will be emailed to all campers prior to their camp date.  If you have any questions/inquiries please email  

Upon arrival, all participants are evaluated by the staff so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the week. In addition, campers will be evaluated and then split up into smaller groups according to age and ability."


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