November 8, 2023


WE LOVE OUR DIRECTORS! It's so important for everyone to know how great and high profile our directors across Canada are! We strive to partner and work with the absolute best to deliver incredible camps and programs throughout the year!

Introducing Coach Jey-son Edwards!

Jey-son Edwards has dedicated his entire adult life to the world of basketball, amassing over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant. Throughout his remarkable career, he has consistently demonstrated his passion and expertise in coaching and shooting instruction, leaving an indelible mark across North America.

Notably, Jey-son has served as a personal shooting instructor for prestigious OSBA Prep schools like Remond HS and Bill Crothers HS, as well as several esteemed CCAA institutions, including Capilano University, George Brown College, Seneca College, Loyalist College, and Centennial College. His extensive coaching experience includes roles as a Head coach in the OBA, JUEL, and OSBA leagues, and as an assistant coach for York University in the USport league.

Jey-son has rightfully earned his place among the nation's elite basketball shooting coaches. As the Director of Operations at Four Point Basketball, he leads a highly regarded shooting skills training program, recognized as one of the best in the country. With a diverse portfolio, Jey-son has collaborated with NBA-caliber athletes, NCAA prospects, Usport contenders, CCAA participants, as well as numerous high school and youth teams nationwide.

Moreover, Jey-son takes pride in being the owner of Four Point Basketball, an organization fully dedicated to the art and science of shooting and player development. His unwavering commitment to the sport and his outstanding contributions have made him a revered figure in the basketball community.

Philosophical Approach

Coach Jey's coaching philosophy is built upon four essential pillars of shot development: Form, Accuracy, Range, and Speed. These pillars encompass a diverse range of methods aimed at fostering a comprehensive understanding of shooting techniques.

Through carefully crafted situational drills, participants immerse themselves in game-like scenarios that replicate real-time shooting opportunities. These drills not only enhance players' decision-making abilities but also enable them to adapt to varying shooting angles and respond to defensive pressure effectively.

At his training sessions, he places a strong emphasis on fostering personal connections between coaches and players. Offering tailored feedback and one-on-one guidance, meticulously examining and deconstructing each player's shooting mechanics. By pinpointing specific areas for improvement, players can refine their techniques and elevate their shooting efficiency to new heights.

Working with Coach Jey

Coach Jey stands out for his unwavering dedication to cultivating a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere for our participants. He endeavors to create a space where athletes not only feel supported but also inspired and empowered.

One of Coach Jey's primary areas of focus lies in expanding shooting range. The objectives of his sessions revolve around enhancing players' confidence and precision when shooting from different distances, enabling them to challenge defenses and pose a threat from any part of the court. Additionally, he places emphasis on elevating shot velocity while upholding control and accuracy, empowering players to release shots swiftly without compromising their form or consistency.