April 13, 2016

Getting to Know: Alyne Azucena, Director of the Nike Ultimate Camp of Toronto

Alyne Azucena is the Director of the Nike Ultimate Camp of Toronto, held at Havergal College. Fresh off winning Gold at the 2015 Canadian University Ultimate Championships with the University of Toronto, Alyne Azucena is committed to sharing quality training in the community. She is dedicated to growing Ultimate - organizing events with The Ultimate Experience Inc., serving on Toronto Ultimate Club’s Women’s and Junior’s committees. Azucena also volunteers as a coach in Women’s and Junior’s leagues.

Alyne Azucena - Director of the Nike Ultimate Camp of Toronto

When and how did you get into playing ultimate?
"I started playing in 2010 with the Toronto Ultimate Club’s Junior Summer league and I also played with my high school, York Mills Collegiate Institute. I’ve been hooked ever since!"

What is the favorite team you ever played for?
"A summer league team of university friends called Pistol Shrimps, named after a fierce aquatic crustacean. We’ve been playing together for 5 years now."

What is your favorite ultimate drill?
"Up-the-line hucking drill - gets you running, throwing with momentum in a game-like situation, timing your cut, and understanding your teammates."

Why did you get into coaching?
"I love sharing what I’ve learned, I enjoy being an ambassador of Ultimate and seeing fellow players’ success, so it feels natural and I have tons of fun coaching."

Who is your favorite ultimate player of all time and why?
"Currently, Jaclyn Verzuh from Seattle. An up-and-coming superstar yet to hit freshman year of college, she is exploding onto the Ultimate scene with an incredible arsenal of throws (lefty high-releases!), physical prowess, and huge spirit. Her success and spirit that I first came to know through the All-Star Ultimate Tour inspires me to compete at an international level."

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