March 27, 2016

Getting to Know: Charlie McLean, Director of Tennis at the Alberta Tennis Centre

Charlie McLean is the Director of Tennis for the new Alberta Tennis Centre and is a tennis professional with over 25 years experience.  Charlie moved to Canada in 2005 and worked primarily in high performance and coach education. He has worked for all western provincial associations in high performance, spent 7 years with Tennis Alberta and most recently with Tennis BC in player development. Prior to moving to Canada, he lived in the UK where he worked in tennis development, ran a high performance club and was a coach course facilitator for the Lawn Tennis Association. Charlie holds both level 3 qualifications from the UK and is a Tennis Canada Coach 3 certified coach.

How many years have you been directing camp?  
Although I have been coaching for 26 years and have organized and delivered many summer, high performance and provincial camps, this will be my first summer running Nike Tennis Camps. I’m extremely excited to be working with Sports Camps Canada and am looking forward to the first camp in July.

Favorite Drill?
I have many drills/competitive games that I love to use in the camps, but a firm favorite is a competitive game called ‘DEFENDERS.’  It is a great team game that is good for all levels and mixing players levels in a team environment. Its incredibly intense!

Why did you get in to coaching?
My love of the game of tennis. When I wasn’t able to continue to play, I found it incredibly rewarding being on court and helping others enjoy the game I love and share my passion.

What’s in your tennis bag?  
My tennis bag is full of all sorts of things, the players I coach often will see something falling out of the pocket which could be anything from a spare grip to a cuddly toy of tigger (my wifes nickname and something I carry with me on the road all over the world).  Other things include: string, grips, socks, sunblock, towels, spare shirt, hats, bandanas, roller, resistance bands, agility balls, soccer (football) ball, skipping rope, first aid kit, pens, emergency cash, oh and I even have room for my 4 babolat strike racket !

If you could “borrow” one stroke from a current pro player, who would it be and why?
Andy Murray’s backhand slice, his ability to mix up the spin with such disguise is really quite impressive….. and it looks really cool as well.

Go-to Nike product/gear?
Any Roger Federer Nike tennis jacket!

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