Toronto, ON - Ivy Hockey Academy, partners with Sports Camps Canada, is offering team camp options in summer 2019. Team camps are comprehensive hockey training programs that cover all areas of skill development, plus game-situational strategy and team-play tactical training. Our camps are designed to prepare each player for the season by upgrading their skillset and tuning their timing and conditioning. Our camps help teams prepare for the season through smart extensive training. We also work with coaches to address specific target areas for your team, including offensive and defensive strategies. Our programs are set up to also include goalie-specific instruction.

Full-Day Camps (On-Ice & Off-Ice): includes ice training, plus a complete program of off-ice hockey training, and other team building activities to maximize each player's preparation for the season and prepare as a team to enter gameplay. Full-Day supervision approx 8-4:30. Optional catered lunch program.

Advantages For Parents Doing Team Camps With Us:

Any player who attends as part of the team camp can also get $100 off a second week of hockey camp at any location
Discounts extend to family and friends who want to sign up as part of the group

Features of Team Camps:

  • Camp includes a complete program for player skill development covering all major individual skills and gameplay/situational strategies.
  • Ability to customize program per coach requests, in order to address specific areas or develop team competencies to prepare for the season
  • Coaches welcome to join our pros and staff on the ice according to their schedule/availability (completely optional, but fun!)
  • Camp ideal for player development and learning, timing & conditioning, teammate gel/coordination, team bonding, inspiration & fun
  • Ivy Hockey Academy offers 3 different team camp locations this summer including…

Forest Hill Arena (Toronto)

McCormick Arena (Toronto)

RINX Arena (Toronto)

Coaches and parents interested in team camps at Ivy Hockey Academy this summer please contact: John MacDonald (905) 882-9424 -or- jkmac@ivyhockey.com