November 14, 2018

Sports Camps Canada Opens New Camp Category Canada Wide With Nike Training Camps

November 14th, 2018 - Sports Camps Canada is pleased to announce a new sports camp category with Nike Training Camps to offer a unique training experience for young athletes. Nike Training Camps partnered with CoreVYO this past September to offer sport-specific camps and clinics in basketball, hockey, soccer and strength, and conditioning.

Nike Training Camps are first being offered in Toronto and Vancouver in January of 2019, then move on to March break and Summer camps. The sports camps will be a first of their kind, utilizing CoreVYO as a tool to improve players abilities in their sport-specific environment. While the strength and conditioning camps will provide education and coaching to athletes to help their training transfer to performance in their sport.

“We are so excited to start a new camp category in Canada. Helping athletes learn the important principles behind movement and training is essential for athletes to understand. Not only because they need to understand how their body works, but because it helps keep them in the game - reducing injury and ultimately improving performance,” said Matt Sacks, President of CoreVYO, “We are part of a paradigm shift for athletes who want to excel in their sport, they’ve gone from just enrolling in the sport to gaining a new level of understanding and learning the fundamentals to improve their games.”

Directed by President of CoreVYO, Matt Sacks, Nike Training Camps x CoreVYO is open to all genders age 12 – 18 and we encourage athletes in the collegiate, professional and adults who want to be challenged in a new way to check out the camps. Each athlete who participates receives their own CoreVYO harness and training program, allowing participants to continue their training and build upon the foundation set during the clinic.

“This partnership adds a wonderful new dimension to our programming,” says Zach Budd of Sports Camps Canada. “Nike Training Camps encompasses a new vision of shaping athletes’ perspective on training and in life. My hope is to offer many camps throughout Canada in 2019 to help create better, more rounded athletes.”

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About Sports Camps Canada

Sports Camps Canada (SCC) was founded in 2015 and is a subsidiary of US Sports Camps, the official operator of Nike Sports Camps in Canada. SCC partners with the country's best coaches to direct our camps and provide them with valuable administrative and marketing support. We continue to grow thanks to an outstanding community of Camp Directors and the dedication of the entire Sports Camps Canada staff.