October 9, 2018

3 Pointers to Improve your Volley

Check out some more tips from our very own Nike Tennis Camps coach and former National Champion, Claudia Poluga:

Lesson 2: How to Improve your Volley

1) Grip

The grip is essential to a crisp, clean volley. For volleys, we use a "hammer" grip, formally known as the "continental" grip. To test if you are doing this correctly, grasp the racquet and try to "shake hands" with the racquet vertically using only your wrist. The "V" made by your thumb and index finger should be lined up perfectly with the thin side of the racquet's grip.

2) The "Non-swing"...Less is more

Volleys, although crafted to look or seem simple can be difficult to learn because players will often feel the need to swing at the net to hit a powerful volley. I often tell player's learning how to volley, to try and visualize a wall behind them to avoid swinging, as swinging during the volley will cause players to lose time when attempting to poach. When hitting a volley, your racquet face should be semi-open and you should be able to see your strings. If you can't see your strings you've swung too far. Keep it in front!

3) Split Step and footwork

When preparing to follow through on your volleys, footwork becomes vital. To prepare for your forehand volley, you first split-step in the ready position. You then take a step out with your right foot, and a step forward with your left foot (if you are left handed this works the opposite way) It is the reverse when you are hitting a backhand volley, what follows the split-step is a step out with the left foot and a step forward with the right.

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