September 27, 2019

3 Tips on How to Improve Balance & Coordination

Balance and coordination are key building blocks in developing an athlete’s motor function and athleticism. That’s why balance and coordination are huge components to the curriculum of Nike Training Camps After School Program at Mississauga Stadium and Central Tech Stadium. In youth, it should be fostered at an early age. Children participate in static and dynamic activities on a daily basis that requires good balance and coordination to function effectively.  

What is Static Balance?

   Static Balance is the ability to hold a stationary position with control, such as when children play “freeze dance”.

What is Dynamic Balance?

   Dynamic balance is the ability to hold the body in equilibrium while participating in movement, such as running and bike riding.

3 tips to help improve balance and coordination in youth:

  1. Teach them the simple mechanics—With the correct alignment of the body, you can maintain balance because you are shifting your body’s centre of gravity.
  2. Strengthen the core—A strong core provides the child with greater body stability and benefits their balance.
  3. Work on improving their sensory processing— The accurate processing of sensory stimulation in the surrounding environment allows the body to make quick and appropriate responses in movement. Specifically, try to work on improving the child’s attention to tasks and alertness levels in order to support a rapid response in the event they lose their balance.