July 4, 2018

Alberta Tennis Centre's NIKE MULTI-SPORT CAMP

There are so many different reasons why a Nike Multi-Sport Camp at Alberta Tennis Centre is a great idea this summer, but to make it easier, we thought we would identify our top 3.


Participating in different sports is the number one way to develop physical literacy in young athletes. The varying skill sets, brought together by some common themes help participants thrive in the different environments. Here at ATC, we have chosen our sports carefully, with soccer, tennis, softball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and badminton all sharing similar movement patterns and coordination skills. You’ll find that by taking part in these different activities, students will become all-around better athletes!


Whilst camp environments are great for developing students’ physical skills, they also do wonders for their social development. Important ‘soft’ skills such as communication, acceptance of all and becoming confident in different situations are all actively developed by our coaches through the facilitation of different environments throughout the week. We’re sure that students will use these skills throughout their lives and will leave our camp as responsible citizens, more confident individuals, and as great team players!


Let’s face it, school can be a tough and stressful place for young people! The pressure of deadlines, important decisions and changing social situations can put a lot more strain on our kids than we may think. Our camps are totally geared around fun, and we’re proud of the fact that so many of our participants come back for numerous weeks because of this! Through
different games, activities and sports, kids will be able to relax and enjoy just having a great time with no pressure. As an added benefit, when it’s time to go back to school again in August, they’ll be ready to be their very best self!

Multi-Sport camps are running every week until August 24th here at Alberta Tennis Centre.

Click here to register and secure your spot for this summer. We can’t wait to see everyone out on the field!