April 6, 2020

At Home Tennis Tip: Shadow Swing

Keep your training going from home! Like many other sports, tennis players can see their swing in real-time utilizing the “shadow swing” drill. This is a drill where you set up a mirror in your room and give yourself enough room so you can do a full swing in front of the mirror. You can practice groundstrokes, volleys and even your serve motion as well.

The best thing about utilizing the mirror is that you can swing at any speed you would like. It is recommended to start at full speed so that you can warm up and get a feel of your swing. You can then slow down the pace to analyze and assess all aspects.

This will now allow you to assess technical elements of your swing such as wrist and arm placement, foot placement, hip and shoulder movement and weight transfer throughout the swinging motion. Taking this even a step further, you can video this drill of yourself from a different angle to help find anything you could not see in the mirror.

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