February 10, 2021

Build Your Own Tennis Backboard at Home

Train every day in the comfort of your yard! Check out out this video from Nike Tennis Camp Director, Kevin Curley, for a fast and simple way to build a backboard in your backyard! This video provides you with info on the equipment, tools, and items needed to build a backboard at home.

Supplies include:


11/32 4x8 RTD Plywood (Quantity: 2)


2x4 – 8 feet (quantity:4)
2x3 – 8 feet (quantity: 2)
2x4 – 2 feet (quantity: 2)


Deckmate wood screws: 3inch 1 lb. and 2inch 1 lb.

Drill, Tape Measure, Level
Paint (only need 1 quart)

Be sure you have white to draw your net line and help from an adult.

Having a backboard opens up gateways for all kinds of training at home. There is no need to go to a tennis court during this quarantine time. Let us know what you think, this not only will help you during quarantine but now you will have a great backboard to practice on for years to come! Specific Drills and workouts to come soon from Coach Curley, stay tuned.

Stay tuned for more tennis tips from Sports Camps Canada and the rest of the Nike Tennis Camp Staff!