December 20, 2017

Elite Soccer Training with Coach Rianna

Coach Rianna leads us through some important exercises to get you amped for the game.

As athletes, we need to ensure we are not only preparing our bodies for the “big game”, but also staying active on a regular basis. Rianna Poskin, Director of Nike Elite Soccer Training Camp, outlines some simple and effective activities and tips to help enhance performance and most importantly, prevent injury.        

In order to protect your body from injury, you must master good movement patterns. When you move well your muscles can generate the force that it is capable of producing, while stabilizing and protecting yourself from harm.

Whenever working on movement patterns, we have to remember 2 things, 1. Posture is priority and 2. Joint Position dictates muscle function.

Here are a few moves to help build strength, speed, balance, and stability that will help to master proper movement patterns.

1. Push-ups (only do as many as you can until you lose proper form, modify where necessary)

2. "Get-ups" (make sure you stick the landing in a good squat position)

3. Mountain climbers (modify where necessary through slower movements)

4. Lunges (modify with a jump to add intensity)

5. Plank shoulder taps (only do as many as you can until you lose proper form)

6. Squat jumps (modify with bodyweight squats for less impact)

7. Hand Stand (Have some fun but don't hurt yourself, keep your core strong and use a spotter to help!)

8. Burpees (only do as many as you can with proper form, keep a strong plank, proper squat, stable landing)

9. Acceleration drill against a wall (I used a goal. Try and get the foot up parallel to the ground, driving the knee forward)

10. Sprints (drive the knee forward while sprinting on the ball of the foot. Decelerate and stick a squat landing to work on control after high speed)

For more great tips and instruction check out Nike Elite Soccer Training Camp coming this July 2018!  Come on out for some Serious.Fun.