April 13, 2020

Establishing your pre-shot routine

What is the purpose of having a strong pre-shot routine?

I believe there can be many different answers to that question. Some of them might be; for the player to be in his/her own focus and not get distracted from things outside him/her self, or even to not get distracted from him/her own thoughts. Having a uniquely develop pre-shot routine, may also give a player a sense of security within him/her self which in turn leads to playing golf shots with a rhythm and tempo that the player feels “connected” to.

How does a person develop a strong pre-shot routine?

In order for a pre-shot routine to enhance a player’s shot making ability, it has to be uniquely designed to each individual. Some players may rely a lot on visualization of the ball flight before walking up to the ball and playing the shot. Whereas, another player may feel the importance of feeling their balance before “pulling the trigger” and playing the shot. What’s important is that YOU find something about playing a golf shot that really interests you and build your pre-shot routine around that. Take a minute right now and think about something that interests you about playing a golf shot, then write it down.

Are you focusing on what you enjoy?

Once you have something that stands out to you in your mind, and it will, most likely you will feel energized by it and you want to go out and experience it. You can take that and build your pre-shot routine around it, for example if you like to feel your unique balance during the swing you may design your pre-shot routine by first taking one practice swing behind the ball feeling connected to your balance and then walking up to the ball aligning the clubface and body with the target line and then once again you connect to your balance before starting the swing.

Remember that it has to come from within you, and that it is something that is interesting to you. When you start to play golf this way, you are a joy to watch! For more tips and tricks you can attend Nike Junior Golf Camps and improve your game.