April 27, 2020

Get Motivated with Multisport

Become a better, well rounded, and motivated athlete whatever your sport, with these multisport tips:

1. Motivation: There is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Try to be intrinsic which is to motivate yourself from within. If an athlete or human being draws their motivation from within, it makes them unbreakable.

2. Put in the time: The 10,000-hour rule explains how important practice is in anything we do. Therefore the more you practice the more you should learn and the better you will become.

3. Be passionate: Find a reason to love what you do or play then do it from your heart and soul.

4. Think positive: There are always going to be more failures than championships. Do not give up on your dream even when things seem negative. Do not let the negative thought manifest. Pull from your motivation and passion and great things will happen!

5. Accept good advice from others: Your perceptions on things may not always be right. Learn to take criticism and to ask for help when you need it.

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