November 30, 2018

Optimize Ball Speed And Control At Nike Soccer Camps

We see world class players dribble up and down the pitch like they have the ball on a string. They dribble past defenders and break ankles. How does one obtain these master footwork skills? Learn how to increase your footwork and ball control with these drills and tips.  

1. Tight Space Dribbling:

Controlling the ball in tight spaces with a defender approaching you is frequent in a front court attack. You can mimic this outside of the game. Set up a drill with four cones in a box shape 5 yards apart. Stand inside the box with your teammate. Dribble for the specific amount of time while your partner tries to steal the ball. If your partner steals it, switch offense and defense. This drill will increase your ball control in tight spaces.

2. Tight Space Passing:

Using what you have learned from the tight space dribbling exercise, now add a pass. In an offensive attack, a defender will close out on you quickly. In a split second, you need to recognize where you need to dribble, as well as make a quick pass to an open teammate. There should be four offensive players and three defensive players. Expand the current box. Practice holding the ball taking one dribble, and then making a quick pass to your teammate as a defender closes out. Count how many passes you make before the defenders take the ball. Once they take the ball switch a player from offense to defense.

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