May 16, 2019

Positioning Tip For Doubles

Improve your positioning at the net for doubles tennis from this tip by coach Greig Ewing, Head Coach at the Alberta Tennis Centre! When at the net, check where your elbows are, are they tucked into your body, or are they out in front of you?  If your elbows are tucked into your body, it is harder to defend and return a ball as the racquet is in an awkward position with your body. However, if you adjust your stance and keep your elbows out, returning the ball is easier as you can easily open the racquet face for a quick return and catch your opponents off guard.

Here are a few crucial steps to take when positioning for doubles and hitting volleys:

  1. Move towards the net if the ball is hit to your opponent at the baseline
  2. Move back towards the service line if the ball is hit to your opponent at the net
  3. Use the continental grip and adjust your ready position so that elbows are out in front of you
  4. When making contact with the ball, ensure there is no backwards movement with your elbows, always carry through the shot, even if your racquet head is moving back slightly on a volley (to control ball speed), your elbows should be pushing forward

See you on the court and make sure to have some serious fun!