June 14, 2019

Soccer Tips from Withrow Park Soccer Camp

Nike Soccer Camps spoke with Kianna Samuel-George, the Site Coordinator at Withrow Park. She offered some tips to help campers improve their soccer skills at camp.

Think Ahead

When watching the best players on the planet, it is clear they all think the game at a high level. It’s not enough to have on the ball skills though. These players have got their heads on a swivel throughout each match. They know exactly where everyone is at all times. Additionally, they are always thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead of everyone else on the field. This allows them to execute on those spectacular plays that separate them from the average player.

Use Both Feet

The next time you get into a soccer drill, challenge yourself to complete the drill using both feet. Players who are comfortable using both feet when dribbling and shooting are much less predictable and thus, are harder for the opposition to stop.

Move the Ball Quickly

No player can outrun the soccer ball when it is being moved quickly between teammates. When in dangerous areas of the field, players should look to take on the opposition 1 on 1 wherever possible. However, your team will open up valuable space to operate when they take the opposition out of position with quick passes that unlock the defence.