March 20, 2018

The Benefits Of Being a Multisport Athlete

Honing your skills in a specialty sport has some obvious advantages, but there are so many proven benefits for kids who participate in multiple sports.

1.) Keep Them Interested

Playing the same sport year-round can get repetitive for youth athletes and cause them to lose interest. Multi-Sport allows kids to break away from their normal routine and try something new, which creates an extra level of eagerness and enthusiasm when playing a new sport.

2.) Prevent Burnout and Injury

Using the same muscles repeatedly for a long time can lead to serious injury. By playing different sports, players stress different muscles throughout training, which improves overall strength and conditioning. Not to mention, sports skills and athletic movements transfer. For example: jumping for a basketball works the same muscles a swimmer would use to push off the starting blocks and develop a strong kick.

3.) Decide What You Really Love

It’s important that kids are able to try new things. Having options will allow your kid to decide what he/she really loves. Exposure is more significant than specialization. It helps to enhance their appreciation for different types of movements, which in turn helps them to become more creative and less mechanical in their approach.

4.) Become a Better Teammate

Kids learn how to be a team player in different situations, which can help reduce social anxiety. They also learn how to deal with adversity and understand that you can be the star quarterback on your football team, but sit on the bench in basketball. The broader the exposure young athletes get to these different conditions, the better.

In conclusion…

Participating in multiple sports can provide cross-training that can improve certain physical and mental skills.

Multi-sport athletes display improved health and wellness, motivation, confidence, and creativity.  Not to mention, playing for the sake of the game and having some good, old-fashioned, fun.

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