February 13, 2019

Three important ways to dribble for pro level ball handling

How to get around a defender quickly and explosively in 3 simple steps.

The “Occupy” Dribble: The beginning of this move is used mainly when the ball handler is not advancing toward the basket. The dribbler must stay low, keep their hand on the top of the ball and keep their fingers spread out for maximum protection and control.

The “Separation” Dribble: (Cross-over, Between the Legs, Behind the Back and Spin dribble) This is used to pass the defender quickly. The dribbler must make this move quick and explosive or else they will be left in a vulnerable position and turnover the ball. The dribbler must get lower when making this move.

Advance to the net: After the separation dribble, the dribbler should keep the ball low and below the waist and push the ball forward in front of the foot.

Note:  In order for this drive to be effective, the dribbler must stay low and keep the ball below his/her waist at all times. Also, the changing of speed is very important and key. If speed and ball height is incorrect, the ball handler will be left in a vulnerable position and will lose possession of the ball.