December 5, 2019

Three Tips for Power Forward

As a power forward, your main objective to play in the key and drive to the basket. On offence, your team has many ways to increase scoring and when technique outperforms size, it is important to focus on the fundamentals of this position. Here are three tips for post players to help increase your team’s chance of scoring that are commonly taught at Nike Basketball Camps.

1. Know your Distance

Knowing your location on the court can take you from an average post player to an exceptional one. Understanding your distance from the basket prior to catching the ball will assist you in determining which post-move to utilize. If you receive the ball near the hoop, utilize the jump hook (see tip #2) in an attempt for some quick points. If you are up against a strong defender who forces you away from the key, you can either post up and gain that space back or reverse pivot and attack the basket straight on. Once you become aware of your distance from the basket, your reaction time will increase, and you will become a more efficient player.

2. Master the Jump Hook

The jump hook can be very effective when the defender is much taller than you because, generally speaking, it is a quick movement that is challenging to defend. The jump hook is very similar to the classic hook shot except for the relationship of your body to the basket.

If you receive the ball with your back facing the hoop, pivot so far that your body becomes perpendicular to the basket. Jump up off of both feet and extend your shooting arm directly vertical above your shoulder. Simultaneously turn your head towards the hoop, release the ball from your fingertips and snap your wrist. Make sure you are protecting the ball by raising your non-shooting arm to prevent the ball from being blocked. Ensure that you can perform the jump hook with both your right and left hand, practice accordingly.

3. Embrace Contact

Although being tall is a great characteristic for a post player, this is out of your control. Instead, focus on skills you can control like embracing contact and pressure. Basketball is a contact sport, especially as you get older and become more advanced, and learning it early on will allow you to be more effective offensively. A general rule of thumb is to use the lower half of your body to initiate any sort of contact. The second you extend an arm and touch your opponent, you run the risk of a personal foul being called on you. Applying contact properly can force your opponent into foul trouble. Secure your athletic stance and use your body as a tool.

An unstoppable power forward is a huge asset to any team, so add these offensive basketball tips to your arsenal and join us this summer at an all skills basketball camp near you.