May 10, 2019

Tips From Ivy Hockey Academy's Head Instructor Noah Delmas

Toronto, ON - Ivy Hockey Academy’s head instructor Noah Delmas was recently named the captain of Niagra University's NCAA Division 1 hockey team for their upcoming 2019-2020 season. Noah is thrilled to be coaching for his third year straight at Ivy Hockey Academy, sharing his hockey knowledge with hundreds of kids across Ontario, Canada.

As tryout season continues, Noah would like to provide some tips that helped him strive while playing high-level hockey and move on to become the captain of Niagra University’s hockey team. All of these concepts are taught progressively at Ivy Hockey Academy summer camps in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On-Ice Coaches Tip (Making the Most of Practice Time)

  • Confidence in your training leads to confidence on game day. Arriving at a game ready to compete is one thing, but often the real challenge is to bring your best effort to practice, day in and day out. Training builds both skill and consistency, and the importance of training cannot be overlooked
  • 3 steps to take when getting on the ice for practice every day: approach training with the right frame of mind, compete as you would in a game, and most importantly LISTEN

Off-Ice Coaches Tip (How to get in “The Zone”)
Being in “The Zone” refers to when you are performing at the peak of your ability. The zone gives you confidence and it heightens playing ability. You are mentally locked in and absorbed in what is happening on the ice. You feel like you can do anything. So how can you go about achieving this state of mind? Try out the following mental and physical tips:

  • Develop a pre-skate routine that you do before stepping on the ice for every game and practice
  • Listen to some music that puts you in a good mood and gives you a boost
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself playing at your best
  • Set small goals to achieve during the game and/or practice
  • Then set one main goal for the game
  • Continue listening to music and staying relaxed as you enter the dressing room ​
  • Finding an active warm-up routine that you can implement prior to your games can make all the difference in your performance. Your muscles and your mind perform best when you find your optimal level of readiness. It is important to learn what works best for YOU!

Put Noah’s hockey tip’s into action this summer by joining Ivy Hockey Academy’s elite staff to better your overall hockey skills both on and off the ice!