June 3, 2024

Nike Football Camp - Big Time Players Canada Showcase

Welcome to the Big Time Nike Football Showcase Camp – the ultimate two-day experience designed to elevate your game and propel you to new heights on the field!

This premier camp is not just about football; it's about unlocking your full potential, gaining elite coaching insights, and mastering techniques that will set you apart in the upcoming season.

🏈 Elite Coaching and Training Techniques: Prepare to be coached by the best in the game! Our camp brings together top-tier coaches to provide you with cutting-edge training techniques, ensuring you're equipped with the skills to dominate the competition.

🔥 Drills, 7on7 Games and Big Man Competition: Challenge yourself in a variety of settings! Engage in high-intensity drills, showcase your skills in 7on7 football games, and battle it out in the 5on5 Big Man Competition. This is your chance to shine in every aspect of the game.

🏆 Stake Your Claim as the City's Top Player: The Showcase is where legends are born. Compete against the best athletes in your city and stake your claim as the top player. Your performance here could catapult you to greater opportunities!

🌟 Personal Invite to Nike Football Elite Camp in Airdrie: Stand out and earn a personal invitation to the prestigious Nike Football Elite Camp in Calgary, AB, held in August. This exclusive camp not only showcases your talent but also grants you a Nike Sports Camp player rating – a badge of honor for the truly elite players.

🌎 13 Cities, 1 Summer: The Big Time Nike Football Showcase Camp isn't confined to a single location. We're bringing the excitement to 13 different cities across Canada this summer. Wherever you are, the opportunity to become a Big Time Player awaits! Do you have what it takes to be a Big Time Player? Join us at the Big Time Nike Football Showcase Camp and take the first step toward football greatness!

Nike Football Camp Kelowna - July 2-3

Nike Football Camp Edmonton - July 8-9

Nike Football Camp Saskatoon - July 23-24

Nike Football Camp Regina - July 26-27

Nike Football Camp Lethbridge - July 29-30

Nike Football Camp Calgary - August 1-2

Nike Football Camp Toronto - August 5-6

Nike Football Camp Hamilton - August 8-9

Nike Football Camp Ottawa - August 13-14

Nike Football Camp Vancouver - August 19-20

Nike Football Camp Airdrie - August 23-25