April 15, 2020

Tennis Tip at Home: The Ball Toss Drill

Feeling cooped up inside? Working on some of your tennis skills is still doable! Your serve is one of the most important parts of your game, and truthfully, the only stroke that you get to completely control as a tennis player. What sets up a great serve is a good ball toss.

Grab a tennis ball, your racquet and masking or duct tape. Take the tape and lay out a baseline in a room with a high ceiling. The key to this drill is visualization. You must make it feel like each throw you will hit it so, have your racquet and toss your ball up as if you would outdoors.

Even though something as simple as throwing the ball in the air sounds foolish, it is a part of your game that cannot be taken for granted. Perfecting your timing while just watching tv in your living room is a great way to practice real life ball tosses.

Next, lay your racquet on the ground at the baseline. Throw the ball up and try to land the ball on the strings of your racquet. If you don't like your toss, you can always catch the ball and try again. Having the ball land on the strings help you create a consistent toss.

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